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In 2016 we launched Red Propeller Inc., in response to what we saw as a huge amount of recyclable materials being dumped into landfills.  We decided that we could recover and recycle the majority of these materials while at the same time providing meaningful work for those with barriers to employment.

It seemed like a win-win opportunity on two fronts; recycling and employment.

However we were blissfully unaware of the VHS (and other media formats) collectors in our midst.  

You, the collecting community,  asked if we could make some materials available for you to purchase; and now we will

VHS & Beta Tapes

Red Propeller Inc. dismantles and recycle over 50,000 video tapes per year. The vast majority of these tapes are personal recordings (mostly from TV) and these will always be dismantled. 

The remaining are commercially available tapes and other items  and so before we dismantle and recycle them, collectors are now being given the opportunity to purchase them.

Click, Pick, and Order

We have no idea what you, the collecting community, are actually interested in so we will depend heavily on your feedback to help us make items that you actually want available.

The materials uploaded will not be limited to VHS tapes.  Other items that may be of interest will be added onto the site. 

When you see something you want simply Click Pick and Order; You don't have to bid on it - just place your order.

Please keep in mind that, in most cases, we only have one of each item. 


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